About the documentary

Accompanying Dave Swarbrick is a documentary portrait of the legendary English fiddler Dave Swarbrick. The documentary was originally conceived and written by Swarbrick’s long-time friend and collaborator Lars Kjaedegaard, a Danish novelist and musician who has backed Swarbrick on many tours of Denmark in the last thirty years. The film was made by Lars’ daughter Sascha Pepke and her working partner Line Buttenschøn.

Accompanying Dave Swarbrick offers an intimate portrait of Swarbrick on the road and chronicles his fifty-year long career, his victory over severe illness and shows his unique playing as seen through the eyes of his friend and accompanist.


2 Responses to About the documentary

  1. david Pollard says:

    Looking forward to seeing this film when it is released.
    Swarb, what a man!

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