About the crew

Lars Kjaedegaard (b. 1955) is a Danish novelist with more than twenty fiction titles on his backlist. He is also an amateur guitarist and mandolin player and runs his own band ’Lars Kjædegaard’s Orkester’.

Lars met Dave in 1978 and has played with him from time to time since then. In the early eighties, the duo began an annual touring schedule in Denmark, playing clubs and theatres. – It seems strange that we’ve been able to play so many shows in such a small place as Denmark, Lars says. – But Dave has been a regular guest here for so many years, and he is well-loved by the Danish audience.

Realising that Denmark seemed to represent a microcosm of Dave’s world-wide arena, Lars conceived the idea of making a film – ’Accompanying Dave Swarbrick’. Enlisting his daughter, Sascha Pepke, and her friend Line Buttenschøn, the film was shot in a week during Dave and Larses 2009 Tour of Denmark.

At the time of writing, Lars is working on his twenty-second novel and practising his guitar playing. – We’re not young people, he says, – but as long as Dave wants to go out and play with me, I’ll be there.


Sascha (right) & Line (left)

Line Buttenschøn (b. 1985) and Sascha Pepke (b. 1981) met at Copenhagen University in 2005, when they enrolled for the BA in Film and Media Studies and have been close friends ever since. Because practical film training is a part of the otherwise theoretical BA, Line and Sascha made short films, documentaries and music videos, finishing their BAs with top marks.

Since then, Sascha finished an MA in Media Studies, while working as a reporter at the Danish 24 hour news broadcaster, TV 2 NEWS, where she still works. Alongside her studies, Line has been working in television production since 2007, as a reporter and an assistant producer for companies such as Eyeworks, Gong and Monday Media. Line will be finishing her MA in 2011.

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