A review from Mr Yankee

Here’s a customer review from Amazon.com, written by someone called (or calling himself?) Connecticut Yankee. The review has the headline ‘Fine Fiddling From Great Swarb’ and I quote it all: ‘This is a short documentary of legendary English fiddler Dave Swarbrick touring Denmark in 2008 with a long-time friend and accompanist. This is a fine addition to the catalogue of Fairport Convention and Fairport-related dvds available, and has snippets of Swarb’s playing with Fairport in the 1970s, as well as his later acoustic group Whippersnapper and his duo with guitarist and singer Martin Carthy. 

Production values as such are simple but effective, the stories are endearing, the playing fluid, and the dvd comes with a couple of nice extras: an hour of uninterrupted concert footage, as well as a bonus cd that runs a little under an hour and apparently does not duplicate the material on the dvd. 

All in all, Accompanying Dave Swarbrick is a pleasing short film that shows a brilliant artist back from the dead (a premature obituary in the Times and a double lung transplant behind him) and playing in his inimitable, nimble, warm-hearted way.’

Thanks, Mr Yankee – glad you like it. Only one little detail – the obit was printed in the Daily Telegraph, not the Times.

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