The film is released on July 19th

The Gonzo Media Group in London will release Accompanying Dave Swarbrick on dvd on July 19th. The package will include a dvd containing the 30 minute documentary main feature and a 60 minute concert. The set will also include a live cd featuring Dave and Lars.

It’s been great working with the people at Gonzo. We’d like to thank Rob Ayling whose energy and enthusiasm has been invaluable in making this film available to a worldwide audience. We’d also like to thank director Tony Palmer who contributed valuable material to our film and introduced us to the people at Gonzo.

Stay tuned for more information, reviews and comments as the release approaches!

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2 Responses to The film is released on July 19th

  1. Bjarne Myrup says:

    Can’t find the film at Gonzo’s site. Can you make a more precise link?
    Good Luck!

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